About Us


  • Training the hydraulic industry since 1996
  • Established Hydraulic Training NW, LLC in 2022
  • More than 1500 students trained
  • Serving a wide range of industries
  • A philosophy of “Fundamentals First”
  • Manufacturer independent instruction

Phone: (971) 264-0400


We Train Problem Solvers, Not Parts Changers

Hydraulic Training NW was founded in 2022 as an offshoot of Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, Inc. after the Covid-19 pandemic regulations allowed in-person training to resume. Since 1996, the staff at Hydraulic Training NW have been providing high-quality hands-on hydraulics training to millwrights, electricians, project managers, safety personnel, heavy equipment mechanics, diesel mechanics, and anyone else who encounters hydraulic systems in their daily lives.

"I have learned more in three days than in 10 years... [the instructor ensures] each student understands [the material] fully."
-Don Reed

We serve clients in a range of industries, including wood products, steel, paper, food, and manufacturing. Our clients trust our training and continue to re-engage us because we consistently deliver beyond expectations. For many customers, the Hydraulic Training NW, LLC hydraulics program is required training for all members of their maintenance team.

“Compared to other hydraulic courses I have attended,
this one has much more real world knowledge"
-Travis Draband, Newnes Machine

Since 1996, our founder and principal instructor, Scott McLoughlin, has been training and supervising industrial maintenance teams across a wide range of hydraulic systems. While other trainers specialize in single manufacturer hydraulics equipment, Scott has built a career on his ability to work with any and every system he’s encountered. That’s because he focuses on fundamentals and the big picture, rather than specific manufacturer’s systems.

When Scott went into business for himself in 2009, he knew that his consulting and training work would take the same “fundamentals first” approach. As a result, our team and our clients can troubleshoot and solve problems faster and at a lower cost.

Having worked on hundreds of consulting projects and taught more than 1500 students, Scott, and the rest of us at Hydraulic Training NW, are proud of the broad range of knowledge and capabilities we’re able to contribute to businesses across our region.

No matter what your hydraulic training needs, Hydraulic Training NW can provide a solution to your problem!