Essential Hydraulics, Part 1

Our Essential Hydraulics, Part One hydraulic training classes are taught with a mix of around half hands-on labs using our hydraulic training benches, and half classroom discussion. This focus on hands-on instruction is what makes our classes the best hydraulic training classes in the world.

This introductory hydraulic training class is a self-paced journey of discovery through the concepts typically covered in the first year of a vocational hydraulic training degree program, delivered in a condensed format for professionals who work with hydaulics daily. Everyone, no matter their skill level or experience, will gain valuable knowledge from this course making them safer, more effective, and more efficient employees.

Our benches are built with full-size real-world components running on three-phase power. There are no 110-volt plugs here, nor trailers housing a single trainer with 15 people crowding around to watch an instructor adjust micro-components. Such classes do little to reinforce the procedures students need to undertake daily, and leave much to be desired when looking at knowledge retention and technical impact.

At Hydraulic Training NW, learners work in pairs to complete labs, each pair with their own full-size training benches. This ensures that each student will have to think, reason, draw their own conclusions and then test their understanding of each concept. See detailed photos of our hydraulic training benches.

100% of students that have taken our class, after taking a class at any of our competitors, say that our classes are significantly more meaningful to their overall understanding. In the 26 years we have been teaching hydraulics classes we have never had a customer send their students to our classes and then switch to someone else.

Hydraulics is an applied physical science. By utilizing hands-on training as our primary focus, supervisors report a much higher retention rate than they see from the classes of our competitors. Our courses are offered without any brand bias; these are not sales classes! We have no desire to see your students familiar with a house brand or with a particular product. At Hydraulic Training NW, LLC all we do is hydraulic training. We use a variety of brands and component styles just like students find throughout their workday, and we make no sales pitches, ever, during class.

Classes are typically held at our Donald, Oregon location, but may be on-site at your location, depending on your needs. We offer a maximum class size of 12 students to ensure a low student to instructor ratio for maximum saturation, as well as to keep learners engaged. All classes are CEU credit backed by Portland Community College. Students receive 3.2 credit hours for this 32 hour class. Course book, classroom supplies, safety glasses, snacks, drinks and lunch are provided. Upon completion of Essential Hydraulics, Part 1, continue on to More Essential Hydraulics, Part 2.

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