Essential Hydraulics, Part 2

Parts 1 and 2 comprise a single eight-day course but teaching it for eight days straight isn’t practical and doesn’t produce a good result. When taken from start to finish, the two classes together provide the information needed to be safe, effective and efficient at troubleshooting and maintaining hydraulic systems, and provides the hydraulic designer with the core foundational hydraulic principles and understanding required to make hydraulic systems function as desired.

Continue the hydraulic learning journey with the second part of our fundamental hydraulics course, More Essential Hydraulics, Part 2. This class covers the material a student would normally see in the second year of a vocational hydraulics program, but in a condensed format, intended for students who have taken our Essential Hydraulics, Part 1. Many people we talk to think of this as an advanced class, but it isn’t.

More Essential Hydraulics, Part 2 utilizes even more hands-on time than Essential Hydraulics, Part 1, with about 60% of time spent hands-on and 40% in classroom discussion. This commitment to real hands-on training makes our hydraulics classes the best in the world.

At Hydraulic Training NW, LLC we have tested nearly every method available to teach hydraulics classes. We have found that direct experience, gained using the unique hydraulic training benches, combined with thoughtful instruction, produces solid consistent results and maximizes retention. What we are offering is the culmination of a lifetime of providing hydraulics training that sticks, that will make a difference in the daily work life of each learner.

The pinnacle of our Essential Hydraulics program is a final project requiring the application of all the knowledge learned during both sections. It is not to be missed!

The curriculum utilized by Hydraulic Training NW, LLC has gone through extensive testing, revision, reworking and redesign in over 27 years of development. Between the two course books used for our fundamentals classes, over 140 volumes have been created. Thousands of hours have been poured into developing the worlds finest, most effective, most informative hydraulics training available.

Classes are typically held at our Donald, Oregon training center, but may be held on-site at your location, depending upon your needs. We offer a maximum class size of 12 students to ensure a low student to instructor ratio for maximum saturation, as well as to keep learners engaged. All courses are CEU credit backed by Portland Community College. Students receive 3.2 credit hours for this 32 hour class.

We guarantee that every student who comes through our program, and applies themselves to the process, will see noticeable improvement in their hydraulic skills by the end of part two. Everyone, from the fresh green apprentice, to the most seasoned hydraulic veteran, will benefit from participating in our hydraulics classes.

Course book, classroom supplies, safety glasses, snacks, drinks, and lunch are provided.

The best way to learn is by doing.